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We started our costume company 10 years ago with the naivety that we would have completed our understanding of Georgian costume within a couple of years!  Fast forward all these years later and we can happily say that we still have way more questions than answers.the costume rooms on the strand in bude - what is that funny shop in bude cornwall

If you’d like to follow our costume creations the please check out the following:

Our research has taken us right across this nation of ours, from Edinburgh to Totnes. We have visited costume museums and had countless study sessions. We have studied over 20 pairs of Stays, have looked at over 100 garments, have taken actual patterns from four 1760s sack backs alone (in a desire to see if there’s a similarity between pattern shapes) and have looked into the development of ¬†inner tailoring techniques between the 1760s and 1780s in menswear. We also have well over 30 patterns in our ever-growing collection that have been taken from original garments. It’s become a bit of a passion.

Here is a link to our website which is a constantly developing network of research, articles, painting studies and costumes, and please feel free to flick through and see what interests you.

HandBound Costumes Website

The Costumes:

Working on replicas pulls out so many questions and problems while we try to piece back together what the original makers had done. Many gowns look a right mess on the inside and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it was haphazardly made by an amateur. However, this is wh18th c stays, bath fashion museum, study sessions at the bath fashion museum, handbound costumes research, the costume rooms in budeere we love our research, as the more gowns we replicate and study, the more we are beginning to see a method to the madness, and a logic to the sewing.

We have two main projects on at the moment, and they will be occupying us pretty intensely for the next couple of years. One of the projects is studying and replicating Mantuas – the Court gown for most of the 18th C. And the other, is studying, replicating, and creating a timeline for Stays (the Georgian corset).

If you’re in the area pop in to see what we’re working on each day, and if you’re not we will try and regularly put updates here on The Costume Rooms website.