Penguin Monarchs – William IV



– Penguin Monarchs

– William IV

– Author: Roger Knight

–  ISBN 978-0-141-99720-1

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Penguin Monarchs

William IV

A king at Sea

By Roger Knight

“His Reign was certainly a most unfortunate one for Himself, His Country and the Family. He was the most ignorant man ever placed in a great situation”. The Duke of Wellington on William IV.

William IV, the sailor king reigned for just seven years. Rash and impetuous as a young man, he was sent to join the navy by his father, George III to bring him to order, but he was over promoted at an early age and was notorious for his mounting debts and his long relationship with the actress Mrs Jordan, whom he had ten children with.

Yet, as navel historian Roger Knight discovers William’s bluff and unpolished sailor’s manner made him popular with his people. Inheriting the throne amid strikes, riots and the push for parliamentary reform, he helped see the country through the great constitutional crisis of the era.

This stylish and minimalist edition printed in thick, beige paper takes the reader into a past time. This collection has been smartly designed with beautiful, full colour pictures that make this a petite yet fully grown, elegant edition.




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