Penguin Monarchs – Victoria


– Penguin Monarchs

– Victoria

– Author: Jane Ridley


Penguin Monarchs


Queen, Matriarch, Empress

By Jane Ridley

“Queen Victoria inherited the throne at eighteen and went on to be one of the greatest monarchs in British history: head of a Dynastic realm, Empress of India, steely matriarch, ‘Grandmother of Europe” nd the emblem of an age.”

“Overturning the established pictures of both the romantic young Victoria and the dour old lady, this is a fresh and engaging portrait from one of Britain’s most talented biographers. Jane Ridlye sheds surprising new light on the mahy stages o Victoria’s life, from thelonely, unloved child, kept virtual prisoner by her mother, to her celerated love match to Albert, thorugh motherhood, widowhood, her relationship with John Brown and on to the height of her -and Britain’s- power. Exploring the tensions between ictoria’s private self and her public vocation, this is a compelling portrayal of a woman and an era.”

This stylish and minimalist edition printed in thick, beige paper takes the reader into a past time. This collection has been smartly designed with beautiful, full colour pictures that make this a petite yet fully grown, elegant edition.




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