Penguin Monarchs – James II


– Penguin Monarchs

– James II

– Author: David Womersley


Penguin Monarchs

James II

By David Womersley

“The short, action-packed reign of James II (1685-88) is generally seen as one of the most catastrophic in British history. James managed, despite having access to tremendous reserves of good will and deference, to so alienate his supporters that he had to flee for his life. And yet, most of that life was spent not as king but first as heir to Charles II, as Duke of York (after whom New York is named) and then in the last part of his life as the first Jacobite ‘Pretender’, starting a problem that would haunt Britain’s rulers for generations.”

This stylish and minimalist edition printed in thick, beige paper takes the reader into a past time. This collection has been smartly designed with beautiful, full colour pictures that make this a petite yet fully grown, elegant edition.