Penguin Monarchs – Charles I


– Penguin Monarchs

– Charles I

– Author: Mark Kishlansky

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Penguin Monarchs


An Abbreviated Life

By Mark Kishlansky

“Charles I, the ‘martyr king’, dominates one of the most painful periods in British history, in which civil war and revolution led to the execution of a sitting monarch.”

“In Mark Kishlansky’s brilliant account it is never in doubt that Charles was faced by men more resolute than he and that his vision for Britain’s future conflicted with their desire to maintain its past.”

“This is a fresh new portrait of one of the most moral, talented, loyal, artistically minded and yet disastrous of all of this country’s rulers.”

This stylish and minimalist edition printed in thick, beige paper takes the reader into a past time. This collection has been smartly designed with beautiful, full colour pictures that make this a petite yet fully grown, elegant edition.