Paper Gift Bags – Gold Check



  • Gold Check
  • 3 in the Pack
  • 410 x 180 x 120 mm
  • Designed by Paper Poetry
  • 100% Paper

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Block Bottom

(Virtually Plastic-Free)

Paper Bags!

The Gold Check One:

Made up with two layers of paper – these paper bags are funky, durable and strong.

This size is the Smaller of the two and has a really simple gold check decorating the top layer.

They can be rustically rolled down to look like old fashioned paper shopping bags or folded over with ribbons, or pegs, or tape – let your imagination loose!

Apart from a small tab of sticky tape holding the label down, the whole packaging and kit is plastic-free.


  • You get 3 in the pack
  • 410 x 180 x 120 mm


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