Northanger Abbey- Chiltern Editions



  • Northanger Abbey Novel
  • Dark Floral Design
  • Hardback novel
  • Chiltern Editions
  • Silver Edge to Pages

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Northanger Abbey – Chiltern Edition

We are very proud to stock these lovelies!

Brand new latest editions to the Classics, this range features metal-like hardback cases in various designs to certain classics like JAne Austen here. BUT the best bit is that they have designed a matching notebook to go with it!

This listing here is the novel but we’ll add a link here to the notebook too. (Link to Northanger Abbey Notebook)

The books and the notebooks are both the same size and are around A5.

The novels have gold edged pages and a ribbon book mark and the name of the novel and author written on the front.


And just to make it clear: this is the NOVEL that you are purchasing on this page!

It also looks a little small in the photo but it’s actualy a really nice sized book – about an inch thick and a classic normal novel size.


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