‘Lydia’ by Natasha Farrant



  • Paperback
  • Fan Novel
  • ‘The Wild Girl of Pride and Prejudice’

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By Natasha Farrant

Subtitled ‘The Wild Girl of Pride and Prejudice’, this is a new novel experiencing Lydia’s trip to Brighton and subsequent elopement – and therefore, lol, it promises to be a fun one!

” Remember girls, when you want something, you must fight for it, nobody else will do it for you” Mrs Bennet.

I love it when these fan novels pop up, especially when they are well researched and well written – it’s fun seeing a glimpse into the much loved story but from a different angle – and Lydia’s story is one that’s never been looked at before.

We’ve got 2 in stock but are at the ready to order more as they fly off the shelves.

Oh, and some details – tis a handy paperback in normal novel size! Enjoy!



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