‘Lizzy Bennet’s Diary’ by Marcia Williams



  • Hardback
  • Inspired by Pride and Prejudice
  • Illustrated and fun!

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Lizzy Bennet’s Diary

by Marcia Williams

This is an awesome book – and one that’s been well designed!

Welcome to the imaginary diary of Elisabeth Bennet! In here she has drawn out Longbourne for us, made funny sketches of her family and friends, and popped in some gossip for our amusement. She’s also stuck in her invites, letters and cards along the well, following the year she meets Mr Darcy.

We alone see what she has told her diary and what silly things amuse her.

Well worth every minute spent in it – as it only but adds to the memories and experience of reading Pride and Prejudice.

Have fun with this one!!!


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