Great Britons – A very Peculiar History


– Great Britons, A very Peculiar History with added blue blood.

– Ian Graham

– Pocket size

– Full of fun and historical facts.

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Great Britons

A very Peculiar History


“Great Britain can be accused of many things; a proliferation of queuing, a fondness of the demon drink; but it’s not without more than its fair share of important historical and modern people. Great Britons: A Very Peculiar History looks at a myriad brilliant Britons and their influence on the world. The book features a short potted history of each person, detailing their achievements, personalities and lifestyles in a quirky and memorable way. From kings and queens, pirates and politicians, actors and directors to sportsmen, explorers, scientists and inventors, Great Britons: A Very Peculiar History celebrates the men and women who have shaped Great Britain and made it what it is today.”

This books are brilliant and fun! Full of quirky facts and great caricatures ; they make a perfect dipping book or gift. They are handbag size too (4 1/4″ x 6 1/4″).




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