Cute! Silicone Pencil Case



  • Cute! Aqua Pencil Case
  • Silicone String
  • Gold Zip
  • 4.6 x 21 x 3 cm

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Mint Silicone Pencil Case

By Legami

These feel soooo good!

And are Pretty! Pastely! (it’s a word!) and Perfect!

Complete with a gold zip and little silicone toggle, these cute pencil cases are perfect for that ‘keep in bag’ handy pencil case.

When they unzip they open right out which is actually really useful – no more having to dig around to get that right pen! They’re also designed to only open partially if you wanted it to – quite clever really! And the silicone makes them lovely and long lasting :).

This one here is the Aqua? int? Light Turquoise – whatever colour you want to call it – and it measures: 4.6 cm tall x 21 cm long x 3cm (when there’s nothing in it lol)


(and we’re cheaper than WHSmith…just saying…)



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