Marie Antionette Calligraphy Set



  • Calligraphy Boxed Kit
  • White Feather Nibbed Quill
  • 1 x Bottle of Bouquet D’anten Ink
  • Wooden Blotter
  • Designed by Herbin

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Marie Antionette’s

Calligraphy Kit

What’s most exciting about this is the golden tipped white feather quill! It makes you feel elegant just looking at it!

Containing the basics for writing your first letter, this kit has in it the long lovely feather quill, a large bottle of ink in a rich pinky colour and a wooden blotter – used to roll over your writing and take the excess away.

Oh, and the whole thing looks luxurious, but that’s just for sides :).

Designed by Herbin, who are a renowned pen specialist, this company has set it’s heart on the history of writing and stock everything from early bamboo pens through to Tudor glass pens and modern fountain ones.

We stock a basic range of theirs so comes back to us for your ink!


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