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Washi Tape Craft Ideas

We love inspiring crafty ideas – and some of the ideas people come out with are just pure cleverness! Here’s a couple of images to get your creative juices flowing that you can use washi tape for. Take a look at these! Decorate your own pencils and creative inspiring matching stationery Why not decorate your […]


Now that we have our range of Pom Poms by Rico Designs in stock we thought we’d pop up some crafty cleverness that you can do with them. We only googled it and came out with hundreds! Here’s 3 to begin with – and to be honest we maaaay find ourselves making these bookmark ideas! […]


The costume rooms is closed tomorrow January 1st, but we are back open on Wednesday with a brand spanking sale of all your favourite stationary, books, crafty bits and pieces and funky photo frames and great ornaments. All for a fraction of the original prices – so come on and have a little look at […]

Block Bottom Paper Bags

Our Facebook Post on our Block Bottom Bag Range! Here’s a link and a share to our latest Facebook post 🙂 We really love these 100% paper gift bags and love the quirky idea and the design so come on, lets push these beauties! Between £4 & £5.50 for packs of 2 or 3 […]