Flamingo Take-Over!!!

A Whole Flock of Flamingoes…

Perhaps we left the window open but we appear to have rather a lot of Flamingoes filling up our displays and spreading their prettiness and colour.

Some of the Flamingo Stock includes:
– A beautiful Soft-Italian-leather feel notebook in bright hot pink with gold flamingoes
– A matching chunk List Notebook
– A yellow and pink Flamingo cushion (awesome!)
– A matching tin
– Chunky Flamingo Notebook
– Plastic coated A4 Notebook
– And another faux Italian feel notebook.
We’ve also already got in stock Flamingo eyeglass cases, flamingo finger puppets, Flamingo ethically hand crafted wood pen and we’ve already sold out of our Flamingo purses.

Many of these items are not yet online (sorry!) but please feel free to email us in case of an emergency – we can easily pop up online what you need until we get round to listing them up naturally.

Hot pink and Gold Flamingo List Notepad = £4.99

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– A4 Notebook = £7.00 – A5 Notebook = £8.99 – Chunky A6 = £6.75 – Finger Pupper = £2.75 – Flamingo Glasses Case = £6.50

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‘Find Your Balance’ Notebook – £8.99 (soft Italian Leather feel!)

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A5 Notebook – £8.99 – lovely quality

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