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COVID 19 UPDATE: Please be assured that we are indeed open for online sales and phone orders. We are also 100% available on Facebook and Instagram - and even Pinterest and Youtube! I know it's a strange old time but if you need to phone about any queries then please ring us on 01288 352485 - we will be guaranteeing someone in the shop between the hours 10-2 but the likely hood is someone will be there most days as we have plenty of sewing to get on with! (please note for some reason known only to BT our phone doesn;t take answer phone messages - apologies to all who have to put up with the speakers offish tones!) You can also contact us via our email: or via the contact form on this website and via Facebook (so many options!). Keep safe! And enjoy our great range of gifts, stationery and silliness. :)

Local Things to Do website

It’s nice featuring on a wide range of online sites – and this is the newest of them all. A website designed by the same company that produces local towns maps for tourists – is now brand new and up online – and also now featuring Bude :). Here’s the link!